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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (in English)

  1. Why konjac product must be kept in water during storage?

Once konjac leaves water, it will tend to spoil. The water (no preservative) helps to preserve konjac, retain the shape and keep the texture.


  1. How to remove the alkaline smell?

Drain the water from the packing, rinse the konjac and boil it in hot water for 2-3 minutes. You may add a little salt or vinegar in the boiled water if necessary.


  1. Why there are random black spots on konjac?

The random black spot is the skin of konjac. It is not a defect product and will not affect the eating. With the advance Japan technology adopted in manufacturing process, this tiny dark spot phenomenon has been greatly reduced.


  1. How to store konjac product?

Our konjac product has been sterilised in high temperature. So, you can either keep konjac at room temp or chilling in refrigerator not below 5oC. Avoid freezing as this change the texture of konjac.

If there is remaining uncooked konjac, keep in plain water and store in chilling compartment of refrigerator. Consume the rest within 3 days.


  1. I want to lose weight. Can I take konjac as a daily meal replacement?

Konjac is full of dietary fiber but it does not contain enough protein and energy. Suggest eating together with meat and vegetables for the best health benefits!


  1. Why there is faint smell of konjac product?

Konjac inherits natural faint smell that can be easily removed. Refer to No.2 for the prior cooking instructions.


  1. Who should avoid taking konjac product?

Pregnant or breastfeeding woman and people with allergy skin conditions should avoid eating konjac. Children with poor chewing ability should avoid as well since konjac is chewy in texture. If you have poor digestive system, you should eat less according to your stomach condition. Suggest to start from 1/3 or ½  package first and adjust the intake as it deems fit. Drink more water after eating konjac to allow glucomannan absorb water and expand in your stomach for satiety.


FAQ (in Mandarin)


  1. 为什么蒟蒻要带水保存?

由于蒟蒻产品离开水就会变质, 所以使用水 (不含防腐剂)不只可以保存蒟蒻制品, 还可以保存蒟蒻的形状和口感。


  1. 如何去除蒟蒻产品的碱味?

蒟蒻产品的碱味可以轻易的被去除。把袋子里面的水倒掉,然后冲洗一下蒟蒻, 再放进热水里面滚2-3分钟, 如果有需要也可以加点盐或者食用醋在水里面一起滚。


  1. 为什么蒟蒻产品会有零星的小黑点?

这些零星的小黑点都是天然蒟蒻的皮, 非质量问题也不会影响口感。我们的食品生产引进日本专业的工艺技术,大大的减少黑点的出现。


  1. 如何储存蒟蒻产品?




  1. 我想减肥,那我可以长期以蒟蒻代餐吗?

蒟蒻富含膳食纤维, 但是蛋白质和热量极低。建议混合肉类和蔬菜一起进食,以达到最佳的健康效果。


  1. 蒟蒻产品为什么就有腥味?

天然的蒟蒻带有少许的天然腥味,但这可以轻易的被去除。请参考No.2 如何食前处理蒟蒻。


  1. 谁应该避开食用蒟蒻产品?

正在怀孕或者哺乳,和有皮肤敏感问题的人应该避开蒟蒻产品。如果小孩的咀嚼能力不佳,请不要吃蒟蒻,因为蒟蒻的口感是Q感耐嚼的。如果你的消化能力欠佳,请筹量食用。建议从1/3 或者1/2包的食用量开始,然后自行调整。食用后需要饮用足量的水以便蒟蒻里的葡甘聚糖成分可以在胃中吸水膨胀,增加饱足感。