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Konjac Recipes

Konjac is a traditional food ingredient of more than 2000 years in history. Due to lack exposure of this food ingredient in Malaysia, many Malaysian are still unfamiliar with the benefits of eating konjac, not even know how to integrate it as part of our daily diet. Nonetheless, konjac has been a common food ingredient in Japan, Korea and China since long ago; and getting popular in Western and South East Asia.


Gennomen aims to bring the best of konjac product to South East Asia, especially to Malaysia nation, viewing the our food culture that tends to bring obesity. Gennomen adopts the best Japanese manufacturing machine and procedures that produces the best konjac purity and texture among other konjac suppliers worldwide. So, choose Gennomen konjac for our highly reputated brand!


Now, explore the recipes and you find many variations are possible with your creativity!